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Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips
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Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup for EYEBROWS, EYELINER, and LIPS.


Any woman who uses an eyebrow pencil will love the benefits of a permanent make-up eyebrow procedure.

If you have little or no brow hair or even light colored brow hair, you will be amazed at the benefits of this procedure. It will look more natural than any pencil or powder that one may apply. It can also save you 10-20 minutes in the morning when applying make-up.

Permanent eyebrows are for people who:

-Can't grow eyebrows due to shaving or tweezing
-Want more of an arch to look younger and more attractive
-Want to intensify their eyebrows
-Have a medical condition and cant grow eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face. Proper placement of brows will open up the eyes and often actually changes the appearance of the shape of the face. At Natural Image Permanent Cosmetics, your eyebrow shape will be based on your preferences in combination with the technician's suggestions for a classic shape that will never go out of style.


Permanent eyeliner is for people who:

-Are allergic to regular make-up, but still like to look their best.
-Anyone, professionals to athletes, who are on the go
-Individuals who can't see well enough without glasses to apply eyeliner.


Permanent lip liner or full lip color is for people who:

-Have trouble keeping on lipstick
-Like the convenience
-Have visual or hand dexterity problems
-Have bluish lips

Permanent cosmetic makeup is a sophisticated micro-procedure known as cosmetic tattooing. Specially formulated colored pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin.

Cosmetic tattooing, permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, permanent lip liner, permanent eyeliner, and permanent eyebrow color by micropigmentation camouflaging.


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